Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

May Santa Claus give you everything you asked for!

Also:  Happy Birthday to Lemmy Kilmeister, Jimmy Buffet and Lars Ulrich. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Festivus!

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

May there be airing of grievances, and feats of Strength and lots of  fried chicken

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three Peat!

We got our Westminster confirmation letter! Best part is I have off that day! Monday is President's day! Woo HOO!

My best friend, Amber, who has been by my side the past 2 years at the Garden as my all round assistant and gopher and hauler and compadre and food smuggler (who wants to pay 12 bucks for a hot dog??) will also be there.

Hopefully the weather will be ok! I mean I will be there regardless...I live right outside ye Olde Lincoln Tunnel!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Last Dog on Earth

The Last Dog On Earth
-- Hildegard Patton (written in 2005)

They were at the door. Her little dog was growling
softly. She tried to hush the sound. She knew what
they wanted. She felt as though her heart was being
ripped from her chest. She had managed to hide her
little friend for years. She shared her food and bed
with her. She had bought her on the black market. It
had cost her dearly but it was worth it.

She had been so alone. Nothing to love her or for
her to love in return. Her children had grown up and
forgotten her. Her husband had died two years
before she found Sweetie. Sweetie had been a tiny
black and tan ball of fur showing her Yorkshire
Terrier background. Of course, she knew that
Sweetie could not been purebred. There had been
no purebred dogs for years. There were few dogs
since the breeders had been slowly and methodically
beaten down.

When this first started, everyone sat back and said
they could not possibly be the breeders they were
talking about. After all, they loved their dogs and
they were not puppymills. They would never let
themselves be overloaded with dogs. Some of them
did not get overloaded nor did they breed more than
a litter or two a year. They were smug and secure in
that only the puppymills were being raided. The raids
were relentless. They would take place in one state
then another. The dog raiders got smarter with every
raid. They learned about warrants, the court system,
the law in different states and they used whatever
means they could to eliminate the breeders of dogs.
Some people thought the raiders were dog lovers
trying to save the poor mistreated puppies. Some of
them were dog lovers, at first. The well-meaning
rescue groups were used. The American Kennel Club
was used. They would revoke the rights of the
breeder who was raided. Kennel clubs were
infiltrated and destroyed from within. The very
fiber of the dog world was silently unraveled
one string at a time.

Everyone would rise to arms against every breeder
raided. Saying things like that terrible person
mistreated those poor dogs; that person had too
many dogs; and that person is crazy. If the truth
were not provoking enough they would lie and say
that person should die. They campaigned by e-mail,
petitioned the courts, and used political pull. Even
when common sense would tell them that they did=
not know the facts or circumstances, they persist.
They would see fat happy tail wagging dogs and
would say abused dogs. They no longer believed
their own eyes. The dogs tried to tell the truth
but no one could hear them.

True, there were cases of abuse, beaten, starved,
and sick animals at first. Then the tide shifted. Good
honest dog loving people started to be raided. Any
reason was used. Dogs were taken and the owners
refused rights to reclaim their dogs. The raiders
started to narrow the number of dogs which were
in violation. Any person with a dog became a target.
Dog grooming became a thing of the past. Veterinarian
services were performed out of back room under the
dark of night until there were no veterinarians. Dog
shows had long disappeared along with the American
Kennel Club. Children were told tales of the days
when every boy had a dog to run with through fields.
The stories of "Old Shep," "Ol'Yeller", "Call of the
Wild", "Lassie" and all those wonderful stories which
would bring tears to the eyes of grown men were
being forgotten except by a few.

But she remembered as a little girl the small dog who
loved her, followed her everywhere, and gave her
comfort like no one on earth could give. She just had
to find her that special warmth, the grateful lick-kiss,
something that loved her unconditional and a reason
for getting up in the morning. She found Sweetie
Now they were at her door to take the life that she
cherished. The warm little black and tan 3-pound
body that loved her as much as she loved it. And
there was no one to stop them.

The old lady with the last dog on earth.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A tribute

Rest in peace Princess

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well, 4 people will be without Christmas gifts...

Iggy Pop busted down the gate at destroyed them. Plus he ate the phone.

Luckily the iron dog was not harmed...everything I used to make the gifts was non-toxic.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Legs!

Bayshore Companion Dog Club:

Priscilla, first leg in Rally Excellent with a score of 85

Iggy Pop first leg in Rally Advanced with a score of 94

I'm so proud of them!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Princess is at the Bridge

My little girl is no longer in pain anymore...

Run fast, run hard and may the Rainbow Bridge have endless frisbees to chase.

My heart has a huge hole in it now. :(

Friday, November 13, 2009

Well, At least he was Entertaining


After months of training and Mr. Pop doing SO well in Rally...we entered today at Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Association for Rally Advanced A.

We were first...ok the course was really simple and easy.

No problem right?

We go into the ring, he sits at heel. Judge comes by, I take the lead off. He doesn't jump into the judges grill covering said judge with kisses and muddy feet. So far so good.

"Are you ready?"





I get him back then I grab his collar instinctively...but we finished the course this time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Puppy pictures

Are on my website.

Back online!

Well its been a wild and crazy summer and fall!

All the puppies are doing well in their new homes. I have serious puppy fever now...but we will see what the future holds.

My concerts were phenomenal...I hope to be updating more too!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where was I???

This summer?

I was 20 feet away from the best band EVER...Judas Priest!

And last night as Hulk Hogan's Referee...we found Waldo...he was in Hasbrouck Heights the whole time! Amazing I took a clear picture since it was well into "Halloween in July".

Ah yes, the puppies are all settling into their new homes...Gypsy is super cute and can't decide if she is red or sable...and I can't decide on what to name her for her AKC name.

Friday is AC/DC at Giants Stadium-September brings the epic MOTORHEAD to Roseland Ballroom, October I get to close the old Giants Stadium with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and November hopefully luck will set in at Madison Square Garden so we can score Metallica Tickets!!!

And don't forget...KISS has yet to set dates for the NYC area!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest In Peace

A part of my childhood died crazy as Michael Jackson was in the past years, he was a musical genius. He spanned generations-I grew up watching all his videos and dancing to the song in the link-"Smooth Criminal". Which if anyone remembers, this video was part of the movie "Moonwalker". Also, the second link is the most overlooked MJ songs "Dirty Diana". I was a fan-and there will never be another MJ. He revolutionized the music video industry and always one-upped himself. The "Thriller" video is still as great as it was in 1982-all 14 minutes of it.

Also, Farrah Fawcett...I was too young for Charlie Angels but she was everywhere in the 80s...she was beautiful and courageous up until the very pisses me off that someone dies from cancer. She fought for 3 hard years. She will be everyone's angel now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

They don't make em like they used to...

Two more gems I picked up at everyone is on the BluRay kick but their gain is also my gain...DVDs are like 5 bucks now!

Remember when movies were good? I mean really really good? A good movie you can watch over and over again-even not see for like years and say "wow, that still blows me away!"

Total Recall is that movie. My friend said if it wasnt for Terminator then this movie would be THE movie to revolutionize everything. I mean how awesome is this movie?! It makes me not want to vacation anymore-just to go to Rekall.

Rambo II is a little bit less of a masterpiece but anyone can appreciate Stallone blowing stuff up for 90 mins. I mean he shoots an arrow and stuff explodes!


That's right...hearts are stopping all across northern NJ now because the Mecca of fast food is finally here!

Sonic had its "official" grand opening today...I went yesterday because I could care less what "VIP Day" was and dined on Popcorn chicken with Tater Tots! Yum!

Maybe once I feel brave I will try the Frito Chili cheese wrap.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Motörhead Concert Tickets, Schedule, Tour Dates | Live Nation

Motörhead Concert Tickets, Schedule, Tour Dates | Live Nation

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My new toys

I bought 2 goodies for myself...since every weekend is rainy and sucky.

"The Wrestler" on DVD. Awesome movie starring classic NJ scenery (including the Pioneer Club right in Hasbrouck Heights where my communion party was many many moons ago) plus classic NJ heroes like Jimmy Powers. Yes, Jimmy Powers who tries to pay for his liquor with signed 8x10s down at Metro Liquors by my house.

I also picked up a good family movie-"Commando" starring none other than Arnold. What better way to gather the kids round and watch The Governator kills 200 people in 5 minutes. Best killing scene EVER. I love movies where things blow up.

If this weather doesn't let up I'm going to just get another tattoo. I got a hot deal on a Coach bikini at the flea market-15 bucks! Its LITTLE and my boobs barely fit in the top but it looks sweet. I need a pool or hot tub to wear it it can match my Wall-E beach towel I bought at the Disney store for 50% off. LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

United We Stand

New tattoo!

This is my new piece' d' art...this is my late Greyhound's pawprint. Luckily we have a really nice tattoo shop at the mall with awesome artists...and reasonable prices.

I have been getting each of my animal's pawprints tattooed on me in order of their arrival into my life...I'm a little behind but I'm catching up!

That's right Mom and Dad, I waste my body and my money on ink. LOL

Iggy Pop's Commercial

Lets see if this will be aired on most cable networks in primetime. I have a famous dog!

Summer begins...

After being laid up for a few days with random virus I am feeling better and ready to go back to work! It wasn't swine flu...I figured if it was that I would be feeling a lot dead.

The start of summer also begins the ultimate summer concerts! July will be an awesome month-I have both the Metal Gods themselves Judas Priest (tenth row!) on July 11 and my favorite band ever AC/DC on the 31st. Plus I managed to grab 2 of the oh-so hard to find Bruce Springsteen tickets for the last show at Giants Stadium in October!

On that note: "You want the best you got the best. Presenting the hottest band in the world...KISS!" Thats right. KISS will be in the NYC area this year. Oh I am already there. With my makeup on.

On top of that the new iPhone is launched this month-supposedly with all the bellz and whistles any dork like myself can will be a lot of money-but worth every penny so I can be better than other people. My current iPhone makes me better than most right now...imagine when the new one comes out!

And I have a new toy/ Ped Egg! Years of working on my feet have left them less than good looking. My friend Amber swears by her PedEgg and I love crap you can buy on TV. My only question was why was I waiting so damn long to get one of these beauties! After an hour of grating my feet they look awesome! And I can dump the shavings into some poor saps food. ;o)

Sunday, May 31, 2009


See the Lodi Buffet all lit up? Ok, now look to the left .... Its a Weight Watchers center...

On that note...

Since introductions are out of the way, I need to make public about a decision I had to make regarding one of my dogs.

Elvis was my first Cardigan, my first show dog. His registered name was Ch. Windshyre Blue Eclipse (Ch Phi-Vestavia Inkling, ROM Gold x Ch Afara Zaphira). He was stunning-a very nice looking dog who finished quickly. But he had demons...when he was 18 months old he rushed at me to bite me. He would always run from strangers but he started to go after them as well. I was bitten multiple times unprovoked by this dog-and over the short time we were together I grew increasingly afraid of him. Training and rehab was impossible...he would shut down and then glaze over and bite. Prozac was met to no avail. After he bit my elderly Cocker Spaniel unprovoked (he literally woke up ran across the room and bit her)...we knew he would be best off at the Rainbow Bridge-where dogs are made whole again.

In the time known in my life as A.E. (after Elvis) there are many speculations as to why Elvis was so troubled. I am beginning to believe a brain tumor of some kind-as it is now said that "Rage Syndrome" is to be caused either by brain tumors or seizures.

I believe everything happens for a reason-if I didn't get the dog from Hell I wouldn't have met half the people I know in the breed today. And I wouldn't be so wise as to dogs with demons. Its the most heartbreaking decision I had to make...but there is no more tension in my home, no stress...and I know he is running happy and mentaly healthy with my sweet Greyhound there. Together they are with my Grandma who has an endless supply of grahm crackers for them.

Do I feel guily about this? Never. Do I regret my decision? Not in the least. And I hope no one has to do what I had to do with one of their dogs.

I know Elvis is waiting for me...and when that day comes he will be the loving puppy that I once knew-instead of the troubled soul he became.

Way to jump on the bandwagon!

Well here I am...joined the fellow Cardi folk in blogger-land...though the dogs will make appearances every now and then...I figured might as well have an extra place to express my very loud Italian mouth.

As far as the dogs go, the puppies are good...they will be 5 weeks old tomorrow!!! It's bittersweet...I know I dont have the time space or rescources to have more puppies in the near future so I am sucking in every moment I can. :o) The litter theme is "Rock n Roll" being a rocker and heavy metal chick it fits.

Right now I have my wacky idea of the month: Invest in a foreclosed crapshack in Asbury Park and make $$$...though everyone is saying no because its a baaad neighborhood. I dunno, I worked in the worst city in the US (Yea Camden!) so maybe I'm immune. Living in Dirty Jersey makes you tough, especially for a Swamp Girl like myself.

I guess thats all for now-have to shower and clean the house-looks like a bomb hit it...