Sunday, June 27, 2010

Agility day

Both my dogs did me proud yesterday at the Staten Island Dog Training Club agility trial!

It was a LOOONG day - I have heard of agility trials being all day - but this was literally ALL DAY.

In the early morning, we had Novice Jumpers with Weaves preferred.  Iggy Pop was first and we got a wrong course and a knocked bar - NQ.  He was sucked into the wrong end of the tunnel.

Priscilla had a clean run though and got a second place and her first Q!  Yay!

Then I went home - it was so hot and I lived close.  Grabbed lunch with my mom for her birthday and sat in the house for a bit.  Then I headed back for our Novice Standard run with Iggy Pop.

Not only did Iggy Pop Q, he placed FIRST!  It was worth the wait! 


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Priscilla's first Grand Champion major - at the DelVal Specialty!  Thank you judge Barbara Pessina!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Quest for RAE

Ok, Priscilla has done Rally since she finished at under 2 years of age.

She loves it as do I.  After finishing her RE, I wasn't happy just sitting back with that.  I wanted more letters. 

Easy right?  10 double Q's in Excellent and Advanced.

Ok, so you enter her at the Nationals - to see how she will handle 2 runs in a day.  Beautiful!  she loves it!

2 legs down. 

Oooh - look, local shows!  So you enter those at $55.00 a pop.  She gets 2 more legs.  You are starting to get tired...6 more times of THIS?

Then on a rainy cold day over Memorial Day weekend, on a muddy Advanced B course with a lake conveniently placed next to the Moving Side Step Right sign, in your t-shirt and shorts (NOT proper attire for the weather - stupid Today in New York weatherman) the dog takes a leak.

In the Ring.

She NEVER did that. 

She looks at you with those big sad eyes "I told you I hate the rain".


So you drain your bank account on sympthay shopping and go home...only to be rewarded days later with a nasty sinus infection and a 50 dollar doctor bill for the office visit and 2 precriptions that you cant be out in the sun with...which blows your plans for Rallying on Sunday.

I'm a vampire this weekend watching weekend tv.  Priscilla is curled up at my feet.  I think this was a sign we were going too fast?  Probably.  I need to sit back and enjoy my summer! 

I am planning on entering West Springfield...that is if my mom doesnt grab another set of Bon Jovi tickets.  (eeee).  :D