Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new toys

I bought 2 goodies for myself...since every weekend is rainy and sucky.

"The Wrestler" on DVD. Awesome movie starring classic NJ scenery (including the Pioneer Club right in Hasbrouck Heights where my communion party was many many moons ago) plus classic NJ heroes like Jimmy Powers. Yes, Jimmy Powers who tries to pay for his liquor with signed 8x10s down at Metro Liquors by my house.

I also picked up a good family movie-"Commando" starring none other than Arnold. What better way to gather the kids round and watch The Governator kills 200 people in 5 minutes. Best killing scene EVER. I love movies where things blow up.

If this weather doesn't let up I'm going to just get another tattoo. I got a hot deal on a Coach bikini at the flea market-15 bucks! Its LITTLE and my boobs barely fit in the top but it looks sweet. I need a pool or hot tub to wear it it can match my Wall-E beach towel I bought at the Disney store for 50% off. LOL

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