Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Agility update

Ryka double Q-ed again at the Gloucester County kennel club agility trial!  One more and she will have her excellent titles!

It amazes me that just a year ago we debuted in novice!  She is a great little worker and loves having a job.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't Piss On My Foot And Tell Me It's Raining

Here comes another wordy post:

I was born and raised in NJ, my family came over from Sicily and Naples.  We are well versed in our sarcasm.

You what else?  We hate being made fools of - and do not try to pull a fast one cause Karma is a bitch on PMS.

Months ago after the CWCCA National, a discussion on the Facebook Cardigan group for ShowCardi brought up the use of Ramps to judge our breed.  The comments were an outright NO, because it would only encourage breeding oversized dogs.

Cardigans do not have a DQ for weight but a range is listed in the breed standard.  The breed is supposed to be a SMALL herding dog.  Like hell are they supposed to be the size of Basset Hounds.

Also, judging in conformation is done on a table because it is silhouette breed.  these dogs are short.  They were always a table breed.  We already have a problem with breeders breeding oversized, unsound cardigans for the show ring.  This will only encourage it.  Ironically, the same club also banned breeding cosmetic faults like off colors and fluffy coats...but I digress

I am also a member of the CWCCA - one of the member benefits is to be able to vote on "important matters" concerning the breed and the club.  This ramp/table issue has gone round robin and it IS an important issue in our breed.

I also do a LOT for the breed in terms of Public Relations and such.

The issue on the ramps is people with mobility issues - however, AKC has a rule for that - an exhibitor needing assistance can have someone lift the dog on and off the table.  So a ramp will not be needed to a table breed.

Well, today - I got a notice that as of January 2015 Cardigans will be a ramp breed.  No no, none of the members voted on this.  This was done behind our backs!!!

My point is - why don't we matter?  You say we do, but what is the benefit of being a breed club member when all you are going to do is pull the wool over our eyes?

In the words of Charles Bronson "this ain't over".

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ryka standard Q

Ryka Q Excellent Standard: http://youtu.be/Ps7XmmGRVrM

Ryka Jumpers Q video

Ryka Q Excellent Jumpers: http://youtu.be/l48XCN-jM1A

Click on link


Ryka got a double Q for her first excellent legs with first place runs!  I am so thrilled! 

CC well let's not go there.  She is member of the "one darn thing" club.