Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Truth about "Blue Merle Pembrokes"


There has been a lot of talk and an uprising of breeders crossing Cardigans and Pembrokes and calling the crosses "blue merle pembrokes".

I have nothing against responsible breeding of mixed breed dogs but these breeders are conning buyers into thinking this cross is "rare" and charging more for merle colors...they are also claiming the dogs are AKC registerable.  This is not true unless they are registered under the PAL program (and they must be spayed and neutered to be registered).

Also, the most these breeders do is test for DM.  No other health testing is done, nor are the dogs being bred structurally sound.

There are LOTS of breeds and mixes in blue merle.  If you want a mix, by all means buy one.  But do not fall for the trap.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Well, this happened...


Denied Access at Warped Tour

Me and Mindy were turned away from the gate at Vans Warped tour with our service dogs.  This is the first time I was denied access at a major event.  The reason?  They illegally questioned if the dogs were vaccinated.  Then they said the dogs were a health and safety hazard.

News12 NJ stepped up to the plate and did the interview.  I also filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and will file with the NJ State Attorney General.

Wish I could say how much I enjoyed Warped Tour but I guess not.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Trick Of The Tail

I got a new job!  After months of searching and not finding the right fit, I went on an interview and I HOPED this current job would call me back.

They did!!!  I cannot wait to actually have a livable income again!  :)

I will miss my "vacation" on unemployment though.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Farewell To Kings

I had the opportunity to see my favorite band, Rush, twice on what will more than likely be their last tour.

The setlists were nothing short of fabulous, and glad I got to see a good assortment of tunes.

Plus this was Lzzy's first major concert.  I wasn't sure how she would handle the pyro in 2 of the songs but she did just fine.  Handled a 3 plus hour concert like it was nothing.

"Roll The Bones" from our seats in Newark

She *just* fit under my seat in Newark.  And those are specially made noise cancelling earmuffs for dogs called Mutt Muffs.  (she also got a tour bandana)

"Xanadu" from our seats in Philly

On that note, Lzzy is officially retired from AKC agility.  She had a soft tissue injury that mimicked a back issue.  I rushed her to my vet who did xrays and sent them off to a specialist.  It 99% is a soft tissue injury which was solved by crate rest for several days and painkillers.  She is back to her old self but I do not want to risk her jumping and climbing when she doesn't have to.  I need her with me for a long time as my service partner.  We will still do NADAC agility in classes that don't have contact obstacles.