Monday, October 24, 2016

Shows Shows Shows

Since my mom's death, everything has been a blur.  I am pretty numb still and nothing is helping.

I am keeping busy with trials and dog shows.

July my dad, Lzzy and I went to Toronto Canada.  Mine and Lzzys first time out of the country.  I loved Toronto and we took in a Blue Jays game, went to Ripley's Aquarium and had dinner atop the CN Tower.  Also couldn't leave without eating Tim Hortons.  The hospitality was amazing, we saw RUSH's star on the canadian walk of fame, and our hotel was beautiful.  I am going back in 2 weeks for RUSHCON 16.

Then, Geddy Lee went to his first conformation show as a puppy.  I wanted to get him ring time before he aged out of the puppy classes.  Well...I was shocked when at his first show he went Best Of Breed over several Specials (champion and grand champion dogs) for a 5 point major!  This means he can be shown in Westminster in February!  The following weekend he went Best Of Winners for 2 more points.  He is halfway finished with his championship in 3 shows!

Ryka Roo - she is back in agility sparingly.  I entered her in one trial one day in Jumpers at Total Turf and she LOVED it.  She wasn't sore afterwards.  She has one more trial for the year (she can't run on dirt surfaces and no more turf trials til next year) in Jumpers and we are slowly going to see how she handles Standard courses.  I am beyond amazed how far this little dog came from almost being put down from a back injury in January to being a totally normal dog now.

CC - We are coming a long way in our agility runs.  She did something I never thought she could do - we Double Qd twice!  Once was on my mom's birthday a week after she died, the next was on my birthday this past weekend!  I am learning to trust her more and communicate better.  We have 9 legs towards our MXP now, one more to go and I can enter her in westminster masters agility championship.

Also, CC made the All-Breed Preferred Power 60, she is the 10th fastest dog in the country running 4 inch jump height 3rd quarter 2016.  Not bad Meeches!

I survived my birthday without my mother...I just hope this year gets better