Sunday, May 31, 2009


See the Lodi Buffet all lit up? Ok, now look to the left .... Its a Weight Watchers center...

On that note...

Since introductions are out of the way, I need to make public about a decision I had to make regarding one of my dogs.

Elvis was my first Cardigan, my first show dog. His registered name was Ch. Windshyre Blue Eclipse (Ch Phi-Vestavia Inkling, ROM Gold x Ch Afara Zaphira). He was stunning-a very nice looking dog who finished quickly. But he had demons...when he was 18 months old he rushed at me to bite me. He would always run from strangers but he started to go after them as well. I was bitten multiple times unprovoked by this dog-and over the short time we were together I grew increasingly afraid of him. Training and rehab was impossible...he would shut down and then glaze over and bite. Prozac was met to no avail. After he bit my elderly Cocker Spaniel unprovoked (he literally woke up ran across the room and bit her)...we knew he would be best off at the Rainbow Bridge-where dogs are made whole again.

In the time known in my life as A.E. (after Elvis) there are many speculations as to why Elvis was so troubled. I am beginning to believe a brain tumor of some kind-as it is now said that "Rage Syndrome" is to be caused either by brain tumors or seizures.

I believe everything happens for a reason-if I didn't get the dog from Hell I wouldn't have met half the people I know in the breed today. And I wouldn't be so wise as to dogs with demons. Its the most heartbreaking decision I had to make...but there is no more tension in my home, no stress...and I know he is running happy and mentaly healthy with my sweet Greyhound there. Together they are with my Grandma who has an endless supply of grahm crackers for them.

Do I feel guily about this? Never. Do I regret my decision? Not in the least. And I hope no one has to do what I had to do with one of their dogs.

I know Elvis is waiting for me...and when that day comes he will be the loving puppy that I once knew-instead of the troubled soul he became.

Way to jump on the bandwagon!

Well here I am...joined the fellow Cardi folk in blogger-land...though the dogs will make appearances every now and then...I figured might as well have an extra place to express my very loud Italian mouth.

As far as the dogs go, the puppies are good...they will be 5 weeks old tomorrow!!! It's bittersweet...I know I dont have the time space or rescources to have more puppies in the near future so I am sucking in every moment I can. :o) The litter theme is "Rock n Roll" being a rocker and heavy metal chick it fits.

Right now I have my wacky idea of the month: Invest in a foreclosed crapshack in Asbury Park and make $$$...though everyone is saying no because its a baaad neighborhood. I dunno, I worked in the worst city in the US (Yea Camden!) so maybe I'm immune. Living in Dirty Jersey makes you tough, especially for a Swamp Girl like myself.

I guess thats all for now-have to shower and clean the house-looks like a bomb hit it...