Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer begins...

After being laid up for a few days with random virus I am feeling better and ready to go back to work! It wasn't swine flu...I figured if it was that I would be feeling a lot worse...like dead.

The start of summer also begins the ultimate summer concerts! July will be an awesome month-I have both the Metal Gods themselves Judas Priest (tenth row!) on July 11 and my favorite band ever AC/DC on the 31st. Plus I managed to grab 2 of the oh-so hard to find Bruce Springsteen tickets for the last show at Giants Stadium in October!

On that note: "You want the best you got the best. Presenting the hottest band in the world...KISS!" Thats right. KISS will be in the NYC area this year. Oh I am already there. With my makeup on.

On top of that the new iPhone is launched this month-supposedly with all the bellz and whistles any dork like myself can appreciate...it will be a lot of money-but worth every penny so I can be better than other people. My current iPhone makes me better than most right now...imagine when the new one comes out!

And I have a new toy/obession...my Ped Egg! Years of working on my feet have left them less than good looking. My friend Amber swears by her PedEgg and I love crap you can buy on TV. My only question was why was I waiting so damn long to get one of these beauties! After an hour of grating my feet they look awesome! And I can dump the shavings into some poor saps food. ;o)

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