Friday, December 2, 2016

Bad Blogger Update

It's been awhile...

Well, Geddy was out showing with Kathy and he picked up a few more points and another major!  He now has 12 points with both majors.  He is entered in Westminster 2017 and we hope he will be finished by then!

Lzzy and I went to Canada for RushCon 16 (a convention for fans of the band Rush) and I got to meet lots of people I know online and made some new friends!  I also traveled with my service dog for the first time outside of the USA alone.  She was awesome!  She got her photos taken at different landmarks too.  I already am planning my next 2 trips back to Toronto, and hoping to get a trip to Vancouver in as well either next year or the year after.

CC finished her MXP (Master  Standard Agility Excellent Preferred) title.  She still needed 2 legs for her AXP (the title before that) in January...and the Masters title requires 10 qualifying scores.  Standard has all the obstacles and was always our handicap in one way or another (member of the One Darn Thing Club).  I am super proud of her.  Best of all, she finished her title with my friend Sara handling her!  Great job!  She picked up 2 more Standard legs as well and finished her MJP2 (masters excellent jumpers preferred 2) title (20 Qs in Masters jumpers).

Also, she is one of the fastest dogs in AKC agility according to the Bad Dog Agility Power Rankings.  I am proud to be handling her!

Ryka is the comeback kid.  In January, she herniated a disc in her back, and was on recovery since...she was cleared for jumpers agility (just jumps, weaves and tunnels) and she did really well with no soreness.  I am hoping she continues to be sound and still able to play agility for many many years.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Shows Shows Shows

Since my mom's death, everything has been a blur.  I am pretty numb still and nothing is helping.

I am keeping busy with trials and dog shows.

July my dad, Lzzy and I went to Toronto Canada.  Mine and Lzzys first time out of the country.  I loved Toronto and we took in a Blue Jays game, went to Ripley's Aquarium and had dinner atop the CN Tower.  Also couldn't leave without eating Tim Hortons.  The hospitality was amazing, we saw RUSH's star on the canadian walk of fame, and our hotel was beautiful.  I am going back in 2 weeks for RUSHCON 16.

Then, Geddy Lee went to his first conformation show as a puppy.  I wanted to get him ring time before he aged out of the puppy classes.  Well...I was shocked when at his first show he went Best Of Breed over several Specials (champion and grand champion dogs) for a 5 point major!  This means he can be shown in Westminster in February!  The following weekend he went Best Of Winners for 2 more points.  He is halfway finished with his championship in 3 shows!

Ryka Roo - she is back in agility sparingly.  I entered her in one trial one day in Jumpers at Total Turf and she LOVED it.  She wasn't sore afterwards.  She has one more trial for the year (she can't run on dirt surfaces and no more turf trials til next year) in Jumpers and we are slowly going to see how she handles Standard courses.  I am beyond amazed how far this little dog came from almost being put down from a back injury in January to being a totally normal dog now.

CC - We are coming a long way in our agility runs.  She did something I never thought she could do - we Double Qd twice!  Once was on my mom's birthday a week after she died, the next was on my birthday this past weekend!  I am learning to trust her more and communicate better.  We have 9 legs towards our MXP now, one more to go and I can enter her in westminster masters agility championship.

Also, CC made the All-Breed Preferred Power 60, she is the 10th fastest dog in the country running 4 inch jump height 3rd quarter 2016.  Not bad Meeches!

I survived my birthday without my mother...I just hope this year gets better

Friday, August 5, 2016


Sorry I have not been on here often.

A month ago, I had the worst day of my life (so far).

I found my mother unresponsive in her bed.  She passed away from a heart attack.  Totally unexpected.  She was alive that morning, I texted her...and she was taken from me.

My mother was one of my best friends, she raised me as a single mom, supported me and the dogs...

Life is a mess right now.

I inherited 3 dogs back (Lady, Priscilla, and Iggy Pop were her dogs) and with working full time with no help, things like this blog got pushed aside.

She had no life insurance either...thanks to the kindness of the dog fancy and friends and family, I was able to fulfill her last wish of being entombed next to her parents.  Take The Lead paid for the funeral and a GoFund Me paid for the entombment.  If you are going to donate to a good cause, I can vouch for Take The Lead.

I only took a week off work, and mentally I am a mess.  I cannot sleep, eat, think.  I have constant flashbacks about finding her.  Whatever medications I am on currently do not work.

My father and I preplanned and prepaid a trip to Toronto, Canada and we decided to stick with our trip.  I had friends care for the dogs (Lzzy being my service dog came with) and cats...I am glad we went.  It was great.

But coming home to her house, our was left as she left it.  The phone is still ripped off the wall from me calling 911, the bed is still a disaster.  I cannot touch anything yet.  I think - I KNOW - she must come home, she can't be gone forever...she can't she was too young.

The dogs are adjusting better than I thought, though I am giving serious thought to placing who I can place.

On better news, CC is doing well in agility.  We have our ups and downs but we are slowly becoming more consistent.  I trail more because I can't stand to be home.

Geddy Lee is also doing great!  He started baby dog agility class and we gave World Cynosport Rally a try.  They have a Puppy level.  He got his RLP title in 3 attempts!  What a great pup and he loves to work like his mother.

until next time...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Good news and the bad...

Good (GREAT) news actually - CC finished her Excellent Standard Title at the Princeton Dog Training Clubs trial!  She has never ran on their gravelly surface before so I wasn't sure how she would handle it.  She was also smoking fast too!

Even better, the Next day as a move-up, she Got her FIRST Master's Standard Q!  It was in the muck as it rained the night before and she was the 3rd fastest time of all Preferred heights and got 36 PACH points from that one run!

Now the bad...Ryka reinjured herself again.   So back on steroids and crate rest...we see our PT on Saturday.  This might really be the end of her career.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Ryka got the all clear from the rehab vet to go back to AKC jumpers agility!

She is entered the beginning of June.  I am SO happy.  We worked really hard...even though coming back to competing was still a distant dream.

I hope all goes well and Ryka can continue to love agility for many days to come.

Monday, April 4, 2016


CC finally earned her master's jumpers title!  We have been working hard together and it has been showing in our performance on the field.

She still needs 1 leg to get her AXP...those standard Qs are hard to find.

She averages 4.3 yards per second...her fastest jumpers run was 5.13 yards per second!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

some updates

I have been very busy.

After the mourning period over Ryka's back issue...i kept pressing for an MRI.  She received one which confirmed a disc herniation.

Thanks to the wonderful cardigan community, the MRI was paid for and a friend donated 2 VivaStem stem cell injections...she had 1 already, and we are setting up the next one.  It helped immensely with her recovery time.  

We saw a sports medicine vet who said we are doing well, and MAYBE Ryka can return to agility, but she needs to get strong again.  We are doing core exercises at home, and she is doing massage and laser therapy.  

In the meantime, I have been running CC in agility...and it is an adjustment!  Our mistakes were only little bobbles so far...and we even got our second Excellent Standard Q.  

Geddy passed his STAR puppy test!  And we start a much needed manners class soon.  :)

Lzzy is perfect as always.  

Iggy Pop is teaming up with our friend Paul at agility classes.  They are becoming quite a team and Iggy Pop loves being out and about.  

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meet Geddy

He was known as Huckleberry from CCs litter, and i decided to keep him with hopes of showing him.
His name is Geddy Lee.
Registered name Octane's Witch Hunt. 
He is super smart like his mother! 
He will have a page on my website soon. 

A dream defeated
Rykas GoFundme page
2 weeks ago, Ryka herniated her 3rd lumbar vertebrae.  She may never do agility again.  I am heartbroken and the gofundme is for rehab once she is off crate rest. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The time has come...

Ashlyn is leaving Saturday for her new home in New Hampshire.  Her family is very anxious to get her home.  Her new name will be Ripley.

Steve is spoken for a family in Chelsea, NYC

And Huckleberry...well conformation wise he was structurally the best.  I will grow on him and see how he does.   Being that CC needed to be spayed I would like something from her.  Huck is super smart too.  He will be a fun dog to have around. 

All of them are sweet healthy babies.  I will miss them.