Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lure coursing Corgis!


I am happy I found a place to try out lure coursing with the dogs!  We are going to our first practice next month. Should be interesting!  I am always open to try new dogsports - we dream BIG.  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Dog weave poles

My Weave Poles!!!

FINALLY after putting off and putting off and borrowing weave poles from friends (thanks Raquel!) in 2 weeks I will have my VERY OWN SET OF 12 AKC 24 INCH SPACING WEAVE POLES.  Iggy Pop is thanking me already - or cursing me.  I will get to pick them up from the trial in Swedesboro. 

The level we are competing at now he needs 12.  And I keep my equipment in good shape so they will last forever.  My yard is small and one of the essential pieces of equipment is weave poles and a jump or 2.

Its like Christmas!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Q's but he done good

We spent all day at Dream Park.  Met up with Kathy and Lisa who took a video for me.

First up was Open Standard.  I assed (I don't half-ass I use the whole thing) a front cross in front of the teeter but we did it.  We got called for 2 Refusals at the weaves so no Q.  But that was our only issue.  Great!

Then Open Jumpers.  It was a hard jumpers course.  Iggy knocked a bar then decided the course simply did not have enough tunnels.  So he added an extra.  ;o)  However, he got his weaves!  And besides him getting creative he read me well.

We decided to stay for Time2Beat.  Iggy Pop was a celebrity with the stewards.  They love him and hoped to see him.  Iggy is so full of himself if his head gets any bigger I'm going to need a wheelbarrow.  He was so THRILLED - ZOMG IM RUNNING A THIRD TIME - he barreled into (yes into - the dog is like a bull) a jump.  However.  Time2Beat is more advanced than where I am at now and the fact I handled the rest of the course like I wanted to was great.  I even front crossed!  ::pats back::  The judge was like "too bad for that bar".  Yup.

Video of Iggy Pop's standard run.

Meeting up the regulars at the agility trials made me feel good.  A really great Cardi handler, Donna, saw our runs and said "you should be proud.  Green handler, green dog you are doing well."  :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

First agility trial of the season

Iggy Pop will get to go ape at Dream Park tomorrow...I am nervous...why?  Because we haven't trialed in months..or have had access to contact equipment to practice...so will Iggy Pop be Super Igg?  Or will he remember his manners.

We practiced weave poles yes and some one jump exercises but I will be shocked if we go there and he doesn't rip my arms off to get inside!

I am also nervous about Me.  Will I remember where to go?  Especially because I know I will be blessed with a JWW course with just jumps and weaves.  Oh well...should be entertaining.  And Iggy Pop will have a wonderful time (just hope he behaves).

Friday, February 10, 2012


The NY Giants made all of New England collectively sob.  Me I was pumped so I went out to buy the new Superbowl hats...Yeah one size does not fit all

In true NYC fashion, the city holds a ticker tape parade in Downtown Manhattan, by City Hall.  Me and my friend Raquel had to go.  A guy on the corner was selling Rally towels before he got busted for selling without a permit.  But the towels were Sweeeeet.  I love NYC I have been and worked in a many US cities but the energy New York has...its like a heartbeat.  That day everyone was happy even the cops had a good time.

If you throw stuff at the players on the floats they will sign stuff.  Raquel's hat was signed.  

It was a tiring day.  We got to our spot on the barricade at 7:30am...the parade started at 11 and was over by 12:30...we were BEAT.  So we decided to catch a train uptown to grab food and get the bus back to my house.  We swore we werent going to the Rally back at the stadium (which is a mile from my house) because we went to the parade blah blah blah.  But the bus home stopped at the stadium...
 Yeah we got off the bus.  Glad we did.
Awesome!  I called my mom to pick us up after as we had no bus going home...it was WORTH IT.

The MVP himself.  It was one of the best days I had in a long time.