Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest In Peace

A part of my childhood died crazy as Michael Jackson was in the past years, he was a musical genius. He spanned generations-I grew up watching all his videos and dancing to the song in the link-"Smooth Criminal". Which if anyone remembers, this video was part of the movie "Moonwalker". Also, the second link is the most overlooked MJ songs "Dirty Diana". I was a fan-and there will never be another MJ. He revolutionized the music video industry and always one-upped himself. The "Thriller" video is still as great as it was in 1982-all 14 minutes of it.

Also, Farrah Fawcett...I was too young for Charlie Angels but she was everywhere in the 80s...she was beautiful and courageous up until the very pisses me off that someone dies from cancer. She fought for 3 hard years. She will be everyone's angel now.

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