Thursday, June 28, 2012

Florida Birthdays shows oh my!

It was both my mom and my dad's birthdays last week and this week.  Lots of celebrations!

I went to Florida for a long weekend to visit my childhood BFF Jamie.  She lives in the Orlando area and even though it was cloudy and rainy we had a great time!  We went to see an improv show at the comedy club and it was the most I laughed in a long time.

The dogs did ok with "Grammie" watching them but after a couple of days in Jamie's apartment with just her cat I missed having a dog around...luckily Saturday we went to a dog show!  I got to meet a long time online friend Maria who shows and breeds Cattle Dogs.

The weekend of the 17th I went to the DelVal Cardigan specialty - CC won her class on Saturday and was dumped on Sunday...but we had a great time - I won a TON in the raffle and it was great to schmoose with other cardigan breeders.

I also have some news coming soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Agility pictures

Cardigan Welsh Corgi CC » Proof #ad-060212m-134 » Karen Hocker Photography

Wow, thank you Karen for having a great eye and getting my feisty girl in action!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a GREAT weekend!

At the Somerset Hills agility trial yesterday - it was a busy day because my class had its "field trip" trial for students new to the sport of agility and wanted to see how a trial is run.  So I was the masochist who entered all 3 dogs.  I was planning on retiring Priscilla from AKC agility and sticking to NADAC at this trial but more on that later.

CC was first up in the morning in Novice Jumpers.  She broke her start line and then it was big mess of dog and human so she knocked a bar in the beginning.  Otherwise the rest of the run was lovely - got a nice rear cross on her.  Oh well.  she is a babydog.  Her Rottie pal, Chance, got his second NJP leg too!

Then it was a long gap until Open Standard with Iggy Pop and Priscilla.  Iggy Pop knocked the second bar but again his run would have been clean.  D'oh.  Priscilla started out GREAT - until we got to the table.  Then she saw Iggy Pop outside the ring and a bug literally flew in her ear so she was trotting/hobbling like Quasimodo around the course shaking her head.  oh well.

Then it's Open Jumpers.  For a dopey handler like myself and a fast unforgiving dog like Iggy Pop this has been the bane of my existence.  My handling has improved I will say.  I actually got ballsy enough to lead out for a front cross.  It worked!  We had a pretty pretty run for our second OJP leg!  Our time was 33.77 seconds.  By contrast my friends Chesapeake Bay Retriever ran (and Q!) on the same course in 33.6 seconds.  Yeah Iggy is a tad quick.  Our other friend Susanne and her lab Lily, also got a Q for her title!  Great times!

Next up is Novice FAST.  I had all THREE entered again...if CC qualified it would be her title.  She did!  The icing on the cake was ALL my dogs qualified.  Even Priscilla!  So I guess we have a title to finish!  :)

CC is now Cool Sensation z Domu Polanki RN NFP CGC

Iggy Pop has 2 legs in Open Standard and Open Jumpers and one leg in Novice FAST

Priscilla has one Novice FAST leg.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Agility Q

CC got another Q in Novice FAST Preferred with a great score and a first place!  She was the only one of the three to qualify that weekend.  Our jumpers run was less than desirable.  But she is still a babydog.

2 legs down, one to go!