Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest In Peace

A part of my childhood died crazy as Michael Jackson was in the past years, he was a musical genius. He spanned generations-I grew up watching all his videos and dancing to the song in the link-"Smooth Criminal". Which if anyone remembers, this video was part of the movie "Moonwalker". Also, the second link is the most overlooked MJ songs "Dirty Diana". I was a fan-and there will never be another MJ. He revolutionized the music video industry and always one-upped himself. The "Thriller" video is still as great as it was in 1982-all 14 minutes of it.

Also, Farrah Fawcett...I was too young for Charlie Angels but she was everywhere in the 80s...she was beautiful and courageous up until the very pisses me off that someone dies from cancer. She fought for 3 hard years. She will be everyone's angel now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

They don't make em like they used to...

Two more gems I picked up at everyone is on the BluRay kick but their gain is also my gain...DVDs are like 5 bucks now!

Remember when movies were good? I mean really really good? A good movie you can watch over and over again-even not see for like years and say "wow, that still blows me away!"

Total Recall is that movie. My friend said if it wasnt for Terminator then this movie would be THE movie to revolutionize everything. I mean how awesome is this movie?! It makes me not want to vacation anymore-just to go to Rekall.

Rambo II is a little bit less of a masterpiece but anyone can appreciate Stallone blowing stuff up for 90 mins. I mean he shoots an arrow and stuff explodes!


That's right...hearts are stopping all across northern NJ now because the Mecca of fast food is finally here!

Sonic had its "official" grand opening today...I went yesterday because I could care less what "VIP Day" was and dined on Popcorn chicken with Tater Tots! Yum!

Maybe once I feel brave I will try the Frito Chili cheese wrap.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Motörhead Concert Tickets, Schedule, Tour Dates | Live Nation

Motörhead Concert Tickets, Schedule, Tour Dates | Live Nation

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My new toys

I bought 2 goodies for myself...since every weekend is rainy and sucky.

"The Wrestler" on DVD. Awesome movie starring classic NJ scenery (including the Pioneer Club right in Hasbrouck Heights where my communion party was many many moons ago) plus classic NJ heroes like Jimmy Powers. Yes, Jimmy Powers who tries to pay for his liquor with signed 8x10s down at Metro Liquors by my house.

I also picked up a good family movie-"Commando" starring none other than Arnold. What better way to gather the kids round and watch The Governator kills 200 people in 5 minutes. Best killing scene EVER. I love movies where things blow up.

If this weather doesn't let up I'm going to just get another tattoo. I got a hot deal on a Coach bikini at the flea market-15 bucks! Its LITTLE and my boobs barely fit in the top but it looks sweet. I need a pool or hot tub to wear it it can match my Wall-E beach towel I bought at the Disney store for 50% off. LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

United We Stand

New tattoo!

This is my new piece' d' art...this is my late Greyhound's pawprint. Luckily we have a really nice tattoo shop at the mall with awesome artists...and reasonable prices.

I have been getting each of my animal's pawprints tattooed on me in order of their arrival into my life...I'm a little behind but I'm catching up!

That's right Mom and Dad, I waste my body and my money on ink. LOL

Iggy Pop's Commercial

Lets see if this will be aired on most cable networks in primetime. I have a famous dog!

Summer begins...

After being laid up for a few days with random virus I am feeling better and ready to go back to work! It wasn't swine flu...I figured if it was that I would be feeling a lot dead.

The start of summer also begins the ultimate summer concerts! July will be an awesome month-I have both the Metal Gods themselves Judas Priest (tenth row!) on July 11 and my favorite band ever AC/DC on the 31st. Plus I managed to grab 2 of the oh-so hard to find Bruce Springsteen tickets for the last show at Giants Stadium in October!

On that note: "You want the best you got the best. Presenting the hottest band in the world...KISS!" Thats right. KISS will be in the NYC area this year. Oh I am already there. With my makeup on.

On top of that the new iPhone is launched this month-supposedly with all the bellz and whistles any dork like myself can will be a lot of money-but worth every penny so I can be better than other people. My current iPhone makes me better than most right now...imagine when the new one comes out!

And I have a new toy/ Ped Egg! Years of working on my feet have left them less than good looking. My friend Amber swears by her PedEgg and I love crap you can buy on TV. My only question was why was I waiting so damn long to get one of these beauties! After an hour of grating my feet they look awesome! And I can dump the shavings into some poor saps food. ;o)