Sunday, August 29, 2010

We came We saw...

On Saturday, Priscilla was entered at Newtown Kennel Club Dog Show.  Part of a 4 day cluster, this was a one shot deal. 

We had an early ring time so I could show and Go!  I needed to be home so I could meet Ozzy and his family for puppy sitting.  Ozzy was Zit - the puppy with the white head. 

Priscilla as of Saturday had 15 out of 25 points towards her Grand Championship - had all 3 majors but still needed to defeat champions 2 other times.  I saw there would be 3 specials bitches and one specials dog.  Cool.

Even Cooler was a nice BOB win by judge Lee Brown!  The icing on the cake was that this win was worth 5 points towards her Grand Championship according to the AKC!

So both of Miss P's wins over Champions have been big!  We are up to 20 points - with half those points being 5 pointers!

Picture to follow!  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some pictures of my favorite beasts

This is Lady, my mom's rescued Cocker Spaniel. 

Mischief the "fairy tale" cat.

Brena the cat!

Iggy Pop and Priscilla

At the beach.  Priscilla not impressed with the bay.

More Brena!

Tubbs the cat!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This and that

Some know some don't.

I've been having some health issues lately (well if you can count years as "lately") with eating and near constant migranes.

I've been getting the gamut of tests and so far endoscopy showed a mass or something that is compressing my stomach from the outside.  I need a CAT scan ordered on Monday.  I hope its nothing or something that is a quick fix.

That and I also need an MRI for my brain.

Kinda sucks but I'm trying to not think about it and enjoy my dogs and dogshows.  I'm super excited for an upcoming breeding for Priscilla.  Litter should be super versatile dogs!   

Sunday, August 1, 2010

She got her majors!

Priscilla got her 3 majors required for her Grand Championship!  Yay!

She needs 13 more points and needs to defeat champions 2 more times.  Hopefully we can get done before she has her date with Crush.  ;o)