Friday, December 2, 2016

Bad Blogger Update

It's been awhile...

Well, Geddy was out showing with Kathy and he picked up a few more points and another major!  He now has 12 points with both majors.  He is entered in Westminster 2017 and we hope he will be finished by then!

Lzzy and I went to Canada for RushCon 16 (a convention for fans of the band Rush) and I got to meet lots of people I know online and made some new friends!  I also traveled with my service dog for the first time outside of the USA alone.  She was awesome!  She got her photos taken at different landmarks too.  I already am planning my next 2 trips back to Toronto, and hoping to get a trip to Vancouver in as well either next year or the year after.

CC finished her MXP (Master  Standard Agility Excellent Preferred) title.  She still needed 2 legs for her AXP (the title before that) in January...and the Masters title requires 10 qualifying scores.  Standard has all the obstacles and was always our handicap in one way or another (member of the One Darn Thing Club).  I am super proud of her.  Best of all, she finished her title with my friend Sara handling her!  Great job!  She picked up 2 more Standard legs as well and finished her MJP2 (masters excellent jumpers preferred 2) title (20 Qs in Masters jumpers).

Also, she is one of the fastest dogs in AKC agility according to the Bad Dog Agility Power Rankings.  I am proud to be handling her!

Ryka is the comeback kid.  In January, she herniated a disc in her back, and was on recovery since...she was cleared for jumpers agility (just jumps, weaves and tunnels) and she did really well with no soreness.  I am hoping she continues to be sound and still able to play agility for many many years.

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