Tuesday, May 27, 2014

surprise surprise

Saturday Mindy and I went on a road trip to pick up my van from getting new brakes and the sliding door fixed.  On our way to the mall to meet Joanna, Doug, and the kids to get Echo back after being on vacation, we stopped into the Petco.

I wanted to originally check if they sold moss balls for my betta tank.  And I found betta fish in awful dirty cups.  I felt so bad I bought a pretty light blue double-tailed male.

I wrote an email to Petco corporate explaining my concern about the Bettas.  Yes they are "just fish" but they are still alive and need adequate care at the least (clean water and food).

I didn't expect a call back or an email.  I got a call from the General Manager of the store who gave me an apology and said the Betta Cups are checked on and cleaned at least once a week.  The cups were cleaned saturday evening after I left.

I hope to see clean Betta cups next time.  And I am glad a company did not ignore a concerned email about their pets.

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