Thursday, May 1, 2014

National Purebred Dog Day

Today, May 1st, belongs to the dogs.

Purebred Dogs.  Well bred dogs, in homes with loving families.  Or those that do service work, military work, bomb detection, guard flocks, guard the home.  The agility dogs, the herding dogs, the bird dogs, the earth dogs...the foo foo purse dogs.

Today marks the first National Purebred Dog Day.  Spawned on Facebook it is spreading through the internet and social media.  I am owned and was owned by purebred dogs from them being adopted through a rescue or second hand, to my 5 well bred cardigans.

Do Purebred dogs include landraces and longdogs?  Lurchers and the like?  To me they do - if they were thought out and carefully selected to do a job and health tested.  Maybe to me this is more like "celebrate the dog you got from a great breeder" day.

I want to celebrate man's best friend by not vilifying responsible dog breeders, but celebrating them in the breeds they gave us, the diversity so a home has the right to choose a dog that will be the best for them.  The sleepless nights of puppies and watching mother dogs, the heartbreak when things don't go as planned.

I love my purebred dogs.

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