Friday, January 24, 2014

TV stars!

We had our 15 minutes of fame.

Lzzy and I were asked to be on the News 12 NJ show "The Pet Stop".  They were featuring local Westminster competitors for both conformation and agility.

Lzzy and I went to represent conformation.  We got to hang out with David Frei and other local people I have seen around trials.

All the dogs got along and most were intact.  Lzzy thought being a TV star was totally cool and tried to get back on TV after we filmed our segment.  She also loved David and the host of the show.

I do not get this channel but some friends of mine do and will record it for me.  

Picture of the group - Lzzy is the one kissing David and I am in the Pink sweater.  (click to enlarge).