Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well here goes.

Ryka (Xtacee Fade To Black @ Winddancer NAP NJP CGC) is in season and will be bred to CC's brother, JR (GCH Cool George Xtacee z Domu Polanki).

This is a nice linebreeding and to see if Ryka can get pregnant and what she can produce.

Temperaments should be awesome, Ryka is very easy to live with as is JR.  Ryka has had her hips xrayed and she is CERF clear.  Ryka is a very sound little working machine and took to agility very easily.  She has lots of herding instinct too and side gait to die for.   They compliment each other as well phenotypically.

She came in season unexpectedly early so her DNA tests were not done but JR is clear for PRA, DM, and Pink so no worries there and he is PennHipped.  Ryka will be DNA tested after she is bred and I will share the results on here.

If all goes well I want to breed her to a handsome brindle boy I have had my eye on next year.

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