Thursday, October 4, 2012

Updates updates!

First, Dylan was born almost 2 weeks ago and he is precious and adorable. I adore that kid.  He is still in his squishy baby phase with that new -baby smell.  So so so so cute!  I bought him outfits with skulls on them like a good aunt should.  Congrats Ginny and Aaron!

Second, Iggy Pop is CLEAR to enter trials!  Whoo hoo!  I entered him in a trial at the end of the month.

CC got her second NJP leg last Saturday too.  It was one of the best runs I had with a dog...just perfect.  I love Q's like that.  Still hunting for those last 4 points.

Comic Con is next week and I got my costume in order...and work has been hell and I have been cleaning like mad so my guests for Comic Con won't be skeeved out to the point of calling A&E's "Hoarders".


Taryn said...

Iggy and Jimmy must have been on the same healing schedule. We have trials at the end of the month, too! Glad Ig's all better!

Mindy Lynne said...

Yay baby Dylan <3

Congrats for Iggy! and little Meech :D

YES COMIC CON. I hate I have two days I'm missing -sigh- I'll be a college dropout LOL. But I have Sat and Sun with you and Mud! :D Can't wait, Misato, yesss? I'm going one day as a surprise ;D and if I can as Ed! I have a Pemmie plushie somewhere ^^ xD well, minus the pinkish hair...:P

Trust me, I'm not at that point yet to call them ;P

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

I think one day I will be a ghostbuster, one day as cruella, maybe misato...have to see. LOL

Mindy Lynne said...

Hahah awesome 8D~