Monday, October 29, 2012

Iggy Pop's return with a Hurricane

Well Iggy Pop's return to agility wasnt terrible but I realized our timing is way off.

Our first time in Excellent Standard wasn't so bad.  He knocked one bar on the triple and the judge called a missed contact on the dog walk even though he kinda sorta half-assed stuck his foot out on the way down.  He knows.  LOL  We got a refusal on the weaves but it was a tough entrance.

Open Jumpers he ran right after Standard.  He was a wild thing.  2 refusals and a knocked bar.

Novice FAST - he ran great!  We got 77 out of 80 possible points and a Q First place for his title!  Yay!

CC bombed out of novice jumpers and did better in Open FAST but did not get the bonus.  close but no cigar.

I also got a new PUPPY.  Yep.  She is named Lizzy and is settling in.

And hurricane Sandy is about to hit my area and it might be close to or a category 2 by landfall.  Im moving to Florida.

I will more likely than not be without power for who knows how long so I am hunkering down with some cake vodka and dogs.


Taryn said...

Congrats on your new FAST title!

Taryn said...

Oh! And on your new puppy, 'cause that's even more fun than a new title!