Saturday, July 7, 2012

Go Iggy Go!

Iggy Pop has been on fire!

Today was the hottest day of the year and we had a trial that was indoors and (usually) air conditoned but not this time.  In between checking to make sure my car wasn't on the verge of exploding by leaving it running with the air conditioner on so the dogs don't explode and hosing myself off with the garden hose provided so I didn't event a sport called naked agility the day ended on a great note!

In the early morning CC had a go at Open FAST.  The handler (me) screwed up big time so No Q.  CC did great though!  She had no trouble doing the send bonus at a 10 foot distance and no trouble with the noises and acoustics with indoor trialing.  And we got over the A-frame!  yay!

Next up was Novice FAST.  Iggy Pop kicked ass and got his second leg with 65 points and a first place!  So at least I knew we would leave with one green ribbon.

At this point the place was getting unbearably hot.  However thanks to Mindy being stuck in traffic to get there to watch instead of scratching Iggy Pop from Open Standard and going home I stayed.  Everything happens for a reason right?

The Standard course looked doable.  I hosed Iggy Pop off to keep him cool and we got our final (finally) Open Standard leg to title - first place with a course time of 49 seconds!  YES.  I pulled CC from Novice Jumpers and Iggy Pop from Open jumpers as it was just too warm.

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Taryn said...

Congrats on your title! Open Std took Jimmy and me 17 tries! LOL!