Monday, May 7, 2012

Therapy Work

Iggy Pop and I have been embarking on a new venture - therapy work.  I got him certified though TDI (Therapy Dogs International) with every intention of using it.  We did "unofficial" therapy dog work when my grandparents were still alive and both of us enjoyed bringing smiles to faces of residents.

Finally we found a facility that is easy to get to - lovely (nice homey look and feel - not like a hospital or "nursing home" at all) and small.  He works with residents in the Memory Care Unit and it is makes me miss my grandparents more and more and I know the residents do not remember me and the dog visiting before...but in that moment they smile, their eyes light up, they grab a ruff of corgi love.  And they tell me stories of their dogs past.  Iggy Pop is so patient and loving.  He was made for this.

There really isn't a title for it (I mean I add the TDI at the end of his name and I think AKC has the therapy dog title) but I dont even care about that.  I love my visits on Sundays with my dog and I love bringing joy to people.

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Mindy Lynne said...

Awww, that's something I want to do!
I'm always in the hospital and so many people bring in their therapy dogs, like lasy January (well this year) a lady brought in her Mastiff and he jumped up on the bed lol. It really brings comfort and relaxation to have an animal visit you while you're in a hospital or someone in a nursing home ect.
So proud of Mr. Iggy and you! YOu did an amazing job with him Heather! <3