Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Q's but he done good

We spent all day at Dream Park.  Met up with Kathy and Lisa who took a video for me.

First up was Open Standard.  I assed (I don't half-ass I use the whole thing) a front cross in front of the teeter but we did it.  We got called for 2 Refusals at the weaves so no Q.  But that was our only issue.  Great!

Then Open Jumpers.  It was a hard jumpers course.  Iggy knocked a bar then decided the course simply did not have enough tunnels.  So he added an extra.  ;o)  However, he got his weaves!  And besides him getting creative he read me well.

We decided to stay for Time2Beat.  Iggy Pop was a celebrity with the stewards.  They love him and hoped to see him.  Iggy is so full of himself if his head gets any bigger I'm going to need a wheelbarrow.  He was so THRILLED - ZOMG IM RUNNING A THIRD TIME - he barreled into (yes into - the dog is like a bull) a jump.  However.  Time2Beat is more advanced than where I am at now and the fact I handled the rest of the course like I wanted to was great.  I even front crossed!  ::pats back::  The judge was like "too bad for that bar".  Yup.

Video of Iggy Pop's standard run.

Meeting up the regulars at the agility trials made me feel good.  A really great Cardi handler, Donna, saw our runs and said "you should be proud.  Green handler, green dog you are doing well."  :)


Jules said...

Very nice,Heather!

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

Thanks! I love running him. Qing is nicer but we will get there. When we get out of Open I am buying a cake. LOL

Lani said...

Glad you had a fun weekend. I thought the run looked nice! Iggy Pop is quick!!

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

Thanks Lani! Iggy is very fast. He gives 110% with this.