Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Taconic Hills KC trial

The agility gods giveth and taketh away...

It was our first time at Doggie U out on Long Island, and the trial was run really smoothly.  Friendly bunch, and they reserve parking for you if you let them know you are working out of your car.

We train on mats, so the surface being matting wasn't too hard to adjust to.  My timing on the mats isnt that great.  CC had the one darn thing each run and Ryka didnt qualify in jumpers so I scratched her from standard (no need to do unnecessary contact obstacles for her if we aren't trying to Double Q).  She did get to play in Novice FAST for the first time and loved it!  She got her first Q as well!

Hoping our return trip to Doggie U will result in more green ribbons.  :)

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