Monday, September 7, 2015

The Red And The Black

"Spin the wheel of life and it will land on either the Red or the Black.  The rest goes by the Grace Of God." - Bruce Dickinson

Well, CC was bred.  She came up negative for mycoplasma and she had her lovely date with Cruiser. Now to hope she wasn't rendered sterile from her last bout which caused (to the best of our knowledge) her to lose the last litter.  Pups will be here Halloween if all goes well.

Ryka got Double Q number 7 and 11 more points at Dream Park.  She needs 2 more legs for her MJP title.  I hope to get her up to 10 QQs before the winter break.

Our next shows will be Morris and Essex in October.  Once every 5 years this prestigious show comes to NJ.  It will be a spectacular for sure!

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