Sunday, April 5, 2015

Afghan hound trials and Gloucester County trials

Lzzy finished her Novice Standard Preferred agility title on march 28th!!!

CC bombed out on the 28th but on the 29 got 20 more PACH points and her 5th MJP leg.  Halfway there!!!  No videos from this weekend sadly.

Ryka is in season so she was scratched from the past 2 weekends of trials.  Bummer!  But she will not be in season for the CWCCA national specialty!

Gloucester County trial I was only entered on Friday with Lzzy and Ryka.  Since Ryka was scratched it was just me and the marshmallow face.  Our first time in Open level agility she had to visit the judge and zoom around in Standard but she got it together for Jumpers and got her first OJP leg!

Video here:

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