Monday, March 10, 2014

It is only a dog show aka "Let it Go"

Preach, sister.  (I am cleverly disguised as a responsible adult)

I love to show - even if I have to dress up for it.  I find it a fun thing.  My dogs could give a hoot if we win or not.  Yes purebred dog shows can be fun - and ARE fun.  We need that happiness back.  I laugh with my friends at shows how grumpy and standoffish the terrier people were when I took a puppy in at a fun match who was difficult.  Seriously?  Would it kill you to give advice?  LOL

I don't even mind losing - of COURSE we like to win.  Human nature, competitive spirit.  I am not saying I half ass it.

So why show?  I made a lot of friends (and I am sure some enemies) through conformation.  As I grew older I also got more open-minded.  To me form should follow function.  I want my dogs to live forever and not be riddled with disease and problems.  I am VERY lucky cardigans as a whole are that dog.

So next time you see me at a show stop on over!  

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