Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Report: New title!

Well make this the long Weekend Super Bowl 48 report:

Thursday: Amber and I went to see a live simulcast of the Shakespearean play "Coriolanus" starring my crush/fantasy Tom Hiddleston.  Hiddles: covered in blood, in tight pants, and takes a shower.  Check and mate.  

Friday:  Took CC down to the SOJAC agility trial - first trial of the year for us after a 2 month break.  We had a beautiful run in Jumpers to finish our AJP title!!!  I can't believe it - I am so proud!  Then I picked up Ryka from Lisa's house after her hot date...hoping for puppies April Fool's Day.  Amber and I closed the night with a Loki-themed tea party (no we do not have a problem) and yummy cakes and tea.  Earl Grey.  Hot.

Saturday & Sunday: Showed Lzzy up in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  No love for her either day and she was NAUGHTY.  She got to play with Border Collies though. 

Sunday there was no traffic.  It was to the point where it was creepy.  I figured Super Bowl in my town = nightmare.  It was not.  

Next week is Westminster!  

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