Friday, November 15, 2013

Priscilla update

I haven't updated on my favorite pooch in awhile.

Priscilla has suspicious looking tumors in her mammary glands - my local vet found them during a routine exam, and I somehow missed during my daily check. (Another good reason to get the dogs felt up once a year by the doctor).

They sent needle aspirations to the lab and the report wasnt too hot looking.  So she needs them out with hopefully clean margins and she is going to get spayed while she is under for good measure. 

I am extremely nervous.  Priscilla has always been a happy healthy dog - and she is the same age Darien, my greyhound was when he got diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer. 

This is also costing me a lot of money that I do not have, so lean Christmas for everyone (at least from me.  But I am a scrooge anyhow).

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Taryn said...

Keep positive thoughts! Remember Cardi health and Greyhound health are totally unrelated.

Why not ask CorgiPals for help?