Friday, September 27, 2013

Wow! Some great trials!

Ryka made her AKC debut at Princeton Dog Training Club's agility trial and got her first Novice Jumpers Leg!

Ryka finished the day with a double Q!

CC finished her Open FAST title and got her first Open Standard leg!

And then CC got her first Excellent Q!  This means a LOT to me as this is the first Q I put on a dog at this level.  Very proud!


Taryn said...

Nice runs! Especially Ryka's, those were really good for a Novice dog!

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

Thank you! She is so easy - I only had her a year and she just picks up on this. CC now has 2 Open STD more and we will be in the big leagues for real LOL

Anonymous said...

They both look great. Ryka obviously wants to do what you ask - she checks in with you. She's adorable.