Friday, March 30, 2012

Upcoming litter

Priscilla was bred a month ago to possibly my favorite dog on the planet - George.  We are almost positive it took and that would make for a very exciting summer!

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As of right now I am taking names for pet or performance homes.  Both parents are proven in the show ring and in obedience and Rally.  Priscilla would herd all day and loves agility.  Temperaments should be nothing short of outstanding.  After disappointments last year my fingers are crossed this is the real deal!  :)


Mindy Lynne said...

eeep! I'm so excited for this litter! My fingers are double crossed and I hope all goes well, so looking forward to a puppy :)

All your dogs have such great temperaments! <3

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

I hope it works this time. I am keeping quiet about it in case it doesn't. :/

Mindy Lynne said...

:/ I hope it does too <3 my fingers are crossed. Did she have a miscarriage last time? :c

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

She had one puppy that didn't make it. :(