Sunday, August 7, 2011

A great weekend!

Iggy Pop's first venture into Open Standard Preferred saw us with a tough course. 

But since the Iggloo was a move-up I took it in stride.  He was awesome!!!  He got first OAP leg with a first place!  There was another cardigan there in our class too and he got him on time by 5 seconds.

Today Iggy Pop in true border corgi fashion got cocky and said "i dont need to listen to you" so he didnt Q.

Priscilla though had a wonderful run in novice standard and got her NAP with a first place!  Yay!

Then we tried Time2Beat.  Iggy again was wild the first part of the run but then something clicked and it was magic...he was amazing.  If he Q'd he would have had the 8 inch class.  Oh well.