Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miss P (dis)obedience

Prscilla and I giving it our try at obedience.  Not bad IF she wouldnt have been Queen Bitch and flip me off during our group exercises.  She knows how to stay in every place everywhere.  At match shows too.  Naughty.  ;o)


Jennifer said...

Hey Jerzgirl, I thought it was a great attempt! Great recall to end with. Just a few suggestions on your footwork on heeling. When you start, you might say "Priscilla Heel" and then step instead of at the same time. Slow to normal, make your first normal step short and go up on your toe... that probably makes no sense at all, but just gives the dog a little warning. Just watch that big LONG step... don't do that. :-) And then on about turns, make the turn on an area the size of a dinner plate. Almost turn in place, so the dog has time to make the turn around you and then move forward. If you just stop and u-turn, dog gets left in dust. Happy training!!!

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

Thanks for the tips! We have gotten better. BTW the lag in the beginning was because there was PEE on the mat (yes you read right) from the dog before us that tried to attack a dog in Open ring next to us. I told the judge before the figure 8 and she said it was drool. The dog Q'ed btw. The AKC rep and the judge said the dog was playing...sigh...sorry for the ramble!