Friday, June 17, 2011

Iggy Pop's video shoot

Iggy Pop was a STAR on Thursday - he went to FreshPet as a VIP (very important pooch).  :)

We had a long wait since the video guy was late.  But he schmoozed with all the employees and they all said how incredibly awesome he is.  Then we went into the kitchen area where the shoot was going to take place.  MY arms and hands were in the video- not my choice but my not manicured nail stubs were filmed taking food out of the fridge and cutting it up (FreshPet is a manufacturer of refrigerated pet food.)

Iggy Pop was filmed sitting politely for his food and eating it (licking the bowl clean in true Corgi fashion).  And he was filmed looking longingly at the counter for more.  LOL  Afterwards he had pics taken with staff members for business cards.  They ALL loved him!

He got free samples to take home, a nice cooler (perfect for dog shows) and 25 dollars.  His first paying gig. 

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